Is there something wrong with you?
I have often asked myself the very same thing. But, you see, therein lies my dilemma: if there really is something wrong with me, would I know it? And, if I did know it, could I properly express it? If I'm batshit crazy, would I really be aware of the fact that I'm batshit crazy? Could I tell you how batshit crazy I was? Would I be accurate? The world will never know. However, I don't think that there's anything wrong with me. Sure, I've got a few things loose, but nothing major is broken. Beep.

This web site offends me.
Good. It's supposed to. Well, I guess it's not really supposed to. I mostly want you to laugh. But if you're offended by these strips, well, sorry. You should probably go someplace else. No, I won't take the comic strip down. No, I won't tone down the language/sexuality/drugs. Yes, I will post any angry letter you send me up on the website.

Are you trying to say Christianity is bad?
No. I am trying to make you laugh, and I am enough of a whore that I will go to any length to achieve that goal. Also, I was raised in a 'born-again' household, and that shit leaves scars, lemme tell ya. So , to answer the question, I am not trying to say Christianity is bad, I'm trying to say that it's fun to laugh at Christianity.

Is that really Jesus?
Yes. Maybe. No. Depends. I don't care. It's whatever you want it to be, except made out of sausage.

I don't understand what's going on. What's the story plot?
There isn't one. Nobody said that comics had to have a plot. Or a story. Characters are kind of necessary to the art, so I had to keep that one. Sometimes there will be a story arc that will last more than one strip, but rarely more than two.

This doesn't make sense!
You're right. What this strip is all about is called 'non-linear humor'; that is, "it's funny because it doesn't make sense". It's not random humor.

If that's Jesus, how do the Outer Gods come into it?
Because the Outer Gods exist, that's why. Richard Nixon was a manifestation of Nyarlathotep, servant of Azathoth, and that is why they stopped making bubblegum flavored vodka: it made the summoning of Daoloth, The Render of Veils, extremely easy, resulting in the hospitalizations (and eventual death) of an entire family in New York and four hippies in Pennsylvania.

What software do you use to write and create the comic?
I write and design the comic with the GIMP on Linux. I run Ubuntu Linux, using KDE as my windowmanager and gedit as my html/php editor. This website was designed and written in PHP by me.

Where did you get the idea for this?
I used to write a comic called Argyle Action Theater (see below). LITJ is like a sequel to AAT; a lovechild where both can be ashamed of the other. When I was in the planning stages, I asked around on LiveJournal and IRC for a name for this new comic. One of the responses was "Leave It To Jesus", and I liked it, so, there we are.

What's Argyle Action Theater?
Argyle Action Theater (AAT) was, in a way, the mother of Leave It To Jesus. No longer avaliable online, AAT was targeted at the gamer subculture, and featured (primarily) blurry black-and-white photographs of action figures early on. Later, though, it expanded into mutiple formats, with strips being made using video games, Flash, and even a short animated clip entitled Bitch Wars: The Last Temptation of Christ. AAT's schedule was so erratic that you couldn't even really call it that; sometimes, I would publish six or seven new comics in a single day, and then not release another comic for six months. Eventually, I killed off Argyle Action Theater in order to work on Leave It To Jesus. Many of the characters in LITJ are characters from AAT: Heather, Michael, Jesus, Nixon, and Robitussin are all characters I imported. Most of the images of the main characters come from photos (or clip-art) that I created (or found) while doing AAT.

Do you hate Christians/Christianity?
Nope. I just think you guys take yourselves too seriously.

You must be pagan/wiccan/whatever...
Nope. And it's none of your damn business, either.

I knew it! You're and athiest!
Nope. And I'm not an agnostic either.

Do you smoke crack?
Nope. Never have, and never will. I grew up in Detroit, however, so I got to see a lot of that shit up close and personal.

If you could wish for any three things, what would they be?
That's easy. A B-52 bomber, several thousand gallons of napalm, and a Get Out Of Jail/War Crimes Tribunal card. If I had a fourth wish it would be for a wardrobe consisting only of purple, orange, and lime green flannel.