Like the comic? Want a book that will make your Grandmother question your sanity/sexuality? You can leave the books on your coffee table, providing discussion (and/or fear/excommunication) for your guests for years to come! If you want to buy stuff related to your (and everyone else's) favorite blasphemous webcomic...

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Autoerotic Crucifixion
The First Year of Leave It To Jesus and Stranger Things

The first (and, currently, only) Leave It To Jesus collection! Over 200 pages of art and literature for you to enjoy, including:

  • All 104 strips from the first year of LITJ
  • Selected samples from the bi-weekly LITJ blog.
  • More than 20 pages of never before published comics
  • A wonderful introduction by Benjamin Stone (not the A.D.A. from Law and Order)
  • The complete text of Flammable: The Journals of Heather Greely, the inspiration for LITJ
  • And more!

Availiable in both softcover and hardcover!

(8.5" x 11", 230 pages)
$15 + Shipping & Handling

(8.25" x 10.75", 230 pages)
$25 + Shipping & Handling